First documents of village Kietlin are dated as written in the beginning of XIII century. Firstly it belonged to the prince, however years passed and it was devolved to closter in Kamieniec. About XV century there was a castle for hunters and all the surroundings were full of ponds. Documents from 1662 confirm the name of first known owner of Kietlin - Joachim von Gellhorn. He handed it over to Gregor Kleindienst, colonel serving in Hungary. After his death in 1673 all the goods of Kietlin were put under management of civic centre and the city warden - lawyer Daniel Casper von Lohenstein from Wroclaw, famous silesian poet. He has rebuilt the manor as well as contributed to enliven economy of the region. In the end herr von Tschirchky bought all the properties belonging to Kietlin, although son-in-law of Lohenstein - Carl Mangus von Goldfuss had the money and rightful privilege of pre-emption.

Trial took quite long. The dispute has been settled to Goldfuss's advantage. Goldfuss and his descendants became the owners of Kietlin since 1683 for the next 200 years. The palace owes it's baroque renovation to them. We have the information from the year 1797 that new rooms with vaulting were designed where so far rooms for servants were situated. Also the great hall on the first floor and six rooms adjacent to it. Near the manor were located farm as: baths, bakery, stables, storehouse and sheds for wagons. Two springs were situated here also and a beautiful decorative garden, orangery and a 'grass & fruit' garden. In the end of XIX century owner of the village at that time - country headman - sir von Goldfuss established a trail to Kanonenberg. Last known owners of Kietlin were herr Otto Studt and after him - herr Versen.